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Accessibility Statement

Quality Managment

Palad has committed itself to achieving quality and higher performance not only domestically but also in the international market through implementing its robust ISO9001:2015 quality management system & continuously pursuing its Quality Policy.

Palad acknowledges that in order to stay competitive and prosper as a leader in the field of plastic piping, Continuous Measurement & Examination of the Objectives for all Key Processes, as well as Investing in the Development of Equipment & Employees within the System would promote the Culture of Continuous Improvements are Key Factors to achieve Customer Satisfaction.

Quality Control

As part of the commitment to the Company Quality Policy, Palad's Quality Control system covers the complete supply chain cycle of its products facilitating complete traceability & ensuring only quality products to be supplied to the customers while fulfilling & surpassing all required standards.


A detailed list of checks and tests that are carried out according to specific standards for our pipes on a continuous basis starting from the checking the material, throughout the production process and well after production can be seen here.

All detailed records of the tests performed are stored in the company custom database to facilitate traceability for each production batch.

Quality Certificates

The following is a list of certificates for all products:

ISO 9001-2015.pdf

Download (525KB)

PE pipes for water and sewerage PLASSON Cert.55131

Download (507KB)

PVC-U for water Cert.95973

Download (508KB)

PE pipes for gaseous fuels FRIATEC Cert.69826

Download (506KB)

PVC-U drainage and sewerage Cert.49925

Download (494KB)

PE pipes for gaseous fuels PLASSON Cert.67875

Download (506KB)

PVC-U pipes for electric and communication Cert.62381

Download (492KB)

PE pipes for waste discharge inside buildings Cert.56430

Download (507KB)

‏‏ISO 9001-2015 Cert.91502_IQNet

Download (112KB)
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